Friday, April 8, 2011

Modular Homes Builder in BC

Freeport industries is western Canada’s leader when it comes to modular homes. I remember the first time I visited the Freeport factory... It was true beauty at work! Every person was an expert at their station putting the home together in perfect fashion. There is a roof over the factory which makes a big difference than building the home outside. This means no elements effect the Modular Homes and the home comes out better built and higher quality and because each person is dedicated to certain aspect of the modular home its done to perfection.

Freeport has done thousands of homes and has built many communities with thousands of satisfied customers... It just makes sense to go with a modular home. Would you build a card out in the middle of a field? Seems absurd does it not that’s because we are used to seeing cars being built in a factory its to realize that homes are better built in a controlled environment with all the tools, experts under one roof. Modular homes are the future of home building and provide you a home in 90days with quality that is built to last. Think about your new modular home built in 90days with no hassles no questions its craned in place and ready to go. You move in everything is in its place. No waiting 6months for your home to be built waiting for different contractors to show up.

Holding up your time and money and giving you grief you don’t need. Call Freeport Industries today we built custom homes and set of plans for you to choose from. We have the experience and customer reviews to make you believe that you have arrived at the right company. Did I mention modular homes are allot more affordable that conventional homes... So not only do you get a better quality home its will cost you much less and you have your faster. Freeport industries is western Canada’s leader in Modular home construction. Please contact us today at and browse our current communities/plans or contact one of our sales representatives for more information.